Mission: Building Blocks 4 Kids is dedicated to sharing the fun of building blocks by providing free Lego sets and Lego workshops to kids, while sharing God’s love and the hope that comes through Jesus Christ.

Vision: (Set by our kids to not limit what is possible) To bless a gazillion infinity amount of children around the world with LEGO sets and the Love of Jesus.

We have officially launched Building Blocks 4 Kids with our kids and their friends. Our son Little Dennis has wanted to be a Missionary since before he was in Kindergarten last year. Over lunch a couple of months ago my wife Brittany and I talked to him (now age 7) about how he doesn’t have to wait till he was older to make an impact. He then said he could be a Lego missionary (His other passion other than Jesus) and teach kids how to build Legos and then we can share God’s love with them. So, we bought a bunch of Lego sets and then partnered with Mission Arlington’s apartment ministry (after Dennis and I met with Ms. Tillie and shared the vision) to start hosting our first events for kids in the community and are planning to do more all over our community.

Little Dennis and his friends are helping host free Lego workshops, giving kids Lego’s and snacks, and then sharing a message on God’s plan for our lives and how following the instructions in the Bible relates to following the Lego instructions and building a life according to God’s perfect plan. This is also an opportunity for our kids and their friends to build an outreach ministry together and start giving back and making an impact in the community while they are young.

We are excited to be helping our children help other children and to see God move through this. We are looking forward to doing many events and thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible.

– Dennis Tuttle (Big Dennis)